Piper's Metronome

Take your playing to the next level


Achieve greater control and precision with this one-of-a-kind, totally intuitive metronome, packed with powerful tools built for all styles of bagpipe music.

The easy-to-follow, ring-style display makes playing along easy and fun.

Smart Presets

Get started quickly with pre-programmed settings for every type of pipe tune and one-click speed levels tailored every tune type.

Customize everything for your own personal look and feel.

Bring out the music in your tunes

Learn and master the expression of your tunes with the powerful Pulsing and Rhythm settings.

These ground-breaking tools allow you to adjust and customize the pulsing, pointing, beat-emphasis, and rhythmic stress to achieve the perfect feel for pipe style tunes, such as 2/4 marches, strathspeys, reels and more.

Build, save and share custom sets

It’s easy to create sets for MSRs, Medleys, or any other combination of tunes with introductions, including pipe band style attacks.

Add your tunes and customize the transitions with time signature and tempo changes, and any number of bars or beats.

Save all of your sets and share with friends and bandmates in a single click.


The first metronome designed by pipers for the unique aspects of bagpipe music.

Packed with powerful features for musicians at every level.

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level?

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