Braw Tuner

Advanced Bagpipe Tuning

Accurate and Precise

Long gone are the days where dedicated tuner hardware gave the best results.

Advances in smart phone technology, combined with our signal processing software, gives the Braw Bagpipe Tuner unparalleled accuracy and precision for your tuning

On top of this, the Braw Bagpipe Tuner has the unique ability to get the tuning as it actually sounds when playing

Tuning Revolution

The Braw Bagpipe Tuner takes bagpipe tuning to the next level.

Using our innovative QuantumNote technology, the Braw Bagpipe Tuner revolutionizes tuning with it's ability to quickly and accurately analyze the tuning of all notes on your chanter while you are playing a tune.

Our QuantumNote technology is aware of bagpipe ornamentation, and uses this knowledge to help build an even more accurate tuning result


Tune chanter while playing - great for going round the members of a band and checking the tuning without stopping the practice!

Quick and easy drone tuning - keeps separate results for Bass and Tenor drones


Designed for the pipes, by pipers.

The Braw Bagpipe Tuner has been written specifically for the tonal and tuning requirements of the Bagpipes, with the user interface designed for use by pipers.


The Braw Bagpipe Tuner is a phone app for Android and iOs that helps you tune your chanter and drones on your pipes.

It is free and fully functional for instantaneous tuning, with the in-application option to purchase an unlock for advanced QuantumNote features.

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The Braw Bagpipe Tuner is the professional choice for tuning.

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